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Hotel Laundry Service in Chicago IL

Sunburst Laundry offers hospitality linen laundry service to hotels, resorts, spas and salon facilities. We are a commercial laundry and hospitality linen Laundry service that specializes in all the basic needs to run your day to day operation. We offer laundry service for sheets, pillow cases, blankets, towels, mops, entry mats, logo mats and uniforms. Hotel Laundry Service in Chicago IL – We provide hospitality laundry services in Chicago IL area.  We are the leader in quality service!



We know the difficulty of transitioning from one service provider to another can seem overwhelming. Sunburst Laundry has professional staff and specialized equipment to get your table linens, napkins, uniforms, commercial towels, entry mats and much more out the door and delivers as promised. Our program is a cost effective, time saving tool that will eliminate unnecessary obstacles in your day to day operations. We are Delegating your linen service to the professionals will enable you to focus on the things that make you money. You already have enough on your plate, just drop it in the bag and we’ll do the rest..

Let a quality resort and hotel linen service relieve some of your stress while simultaneously making your hotel guests happier. The coziness of the bed sheets, the comforting touch of a towel, the safety provided by a bath mat, and the professionality of a uniform are all small details that make a big difference in a guest’s stay. But not only is the fabric and aesthetic of these materials essential – so is the cleanliness and maintenance of your linen supply.



  • We offer flexible price range
  • We delivered in 24 or 48 hrs
  • We use natural cleaning solutions
  • We have adopted appropriate safety measures
  • We meet deadlines with-in our promised turnaround times.
  • We take care of all the areas covered in dry cleaning, and laundry services.
  • We  are the  one-stop solution  for your commercial laundry services

Say goodbye to the hassle and unnecessary costs of running your own on-site laundry facility and leave your linens and uniform woes in the hands of experts! Sunburst Laundry is the leading Chicago IL linen services provider that will give your company the high-quality commercial linens you need without the inconvenience!

Sunburst Laundry will take care of all your commercial linen service needs, offering you a combination of industry expertise, excellent customer care, state-of-the-art facilities, and a careful selection of topnotch linen products for use across different industries.

Get your Chicago linen services from Sunburst Service to enjoy:

  • The expertise of a company that has been perfecting its operations for decades
  • The dedication and personalized care only a family-owned and -operated linen service can offer
  • State-of-the-art laundry solutions
  • An excellent selection of Services to choose from
  • A linen management plan tailor-made to address your business’ unique needs
  • A free consultation 

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Hotel Laundry Service in Chicago IL

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