One thing that commits to an uber-luxurious hotel experience is the availability of crisp towels, soft bedding, clean robes, napkins, duvet covers and bath mats. It’s not just the big hotels and resorts; even the smallest of businesses such as cafés, B&Bs’ and medical institutions & hospitals need spotless linens on daily basis. The worst enemy of such industries is soiled or spotted white linens.A stained bedsheet does not give the right impression and a dirty tablecloth definitely does not enhance the aesthetic value of your restaurant décor. 



Why Commercial Laundry Services Can Better Keep Your Linens Cleaner?

Technology Revolution  

All industries have evolved and there is no reason why the commercial laundry service sector should hold back in innovation. The way commercial launderers and hotel laundry services that do the laundry these days has revolutionised. They now have smart technology which measures resources needed, electricity, chemicals and even comes up with data analysis and reports to identify inefficiency. Be it the sync to cloud-based systems that track the cycle data, the detergent pods concept, nearly waterless machines or green practices; all these inventions and corrections to old processes have changed the face of how commercial laundry is done in urban ways.



Improved Productivity and Resource Conservation

For many hotels and resorts, outsourcing their dirty linen to a commercial laundry service is much better than doing it in their in-house hotel laundry service. Dirty linens areunsanitary and can largely contribute to mildew. The cleaning of stains gathered over time gets so much more difficult and costly to clean at the in-house hotel dry cleaning service if the linen is stored for longer. Besides, guest work-wear laundry is rather easy and can be done on-site. Miscellaneous laundry is in bulk and heavy weight,so outsourcing this task can only save the resources and provide much needed peace of mind to managers.

Why commercial Laundry Service Can Get Linens Cleaner

Cost Efficient & Environment Effective

If you decide to do the laundry on-site, it means sorting, loading, transferring to the dryer, folding and ironing; all on-site. It also means additional expenditure on machines, labor, chemicals, water and so much more. Outsourced laundry means your employees can spend more time focusing on their routine chores worthy of their skills. Factor in the essentials for compliance with regulations. It is easier to have your dry cleaning services take care of these regulations while you and your employees can focus on customer service.

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